Nine Months Old and Learning

By the end of nine months the child should be able to drink from a cup, gently pulling it handles (adult insures cup at the bottom), sit on the pot, not trying to get up. Can babble, smile, sitting on the pot. As the child variously manipulates toys. Rolls, takes, opens, rattles, clicks on a rubber toy. Mimics the actions of another child: tapping on tambourines, takes toys out of boxes.

Long self-playing. By request of an adult child may execute orders: "Show me how birds fly?", "Show me what (th) (child's name), good (-s)?" "Weave handle," "Give," "Goodbye"; "Show," "Okay." Finds a few items, even if they in different locations, regardless of their permanent location. Understand the question, "Where is Mom, Dad?" Etc., shows them, even if the number of other people and we must make a choice. Also the child to 9 months understands the word "impossible", "Come here," "Sit down", "Arise," "kiss me". Knows your name distinguishes it from a stranger. At the age of 9 months in a child's speech appears simulate the sound of the native language and intonation.

A variety of syllables. Repeats for adults syllables, which is in its babble. Appear first words. The peculiarity of these words is that they are in the nature of demonstrative gestures. This speech is peculiar in its structure, consisting of fragments of words. Researchers call it the "language nannies. At this stage children try their old thinking (cognitive) scheme to relate new information to it to solve many of the simplest tasks. Now the child anticipates some of life before they happen. After 9 months of a baby can remember (to recall) the image of the object, even when in front of him there or anything similar to this subject. Such ability is often referred to as "reproduction". Simultaneously, there is the ability of infants, which is called working memory: the kid can hold incoming information and relate it to existing. At 9 months, he begins to discern the nature of the melody. Quietly listening to slow music, a dance tune begins squat. A child with a 9 month begins studying all adults. He is important for adults to appreciate his efforts. If a child, looking for an adult, many times throws a toy, despite the ban, he invites him to a joint activities. Positive emotions are usually formed before the negative. At this age a baby can show for a whole range of different emotions: interest, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, joy, etc. He express these emotions in the smiles, tears, and – potentially – in laughter. From 9 months starting the beginning of the crisis of the first year. A child stands on legs, begins to walk. Walking – the first primary tumor of infancy, marking a rupture of the old situation of development. The main thing in the act of walking is not only that expands the space of the child, but that the child separates itself from the adult. Occurs crushing a single social situation, "We." Those Now my mother is not the child, and he can keep mum. 9 months marked the first appearance of the amorphous words. This new quality of speech serves as evidence that the old social situation of development fell apart. Where there was a single unit, now two: adult and child. Between them has grown a new content – objective activity. By 9 months of age: the weight of a boy 8.8 – 9.7 kg weight girls 7,9 – 8,5 kg boy growing 71 – 73 cm increase in girls 70 – 71 cm