New At Fast Lane: Professional Training Of VoiceXML

Preparation for certification certified VoiceXML Developer new to the fast lane: professional training of VoiceXML Hamburg / Berlin, 07 March 2008 which almost IT training specialist Lane has expanded its comprehensive product portfolio to three new VoiceXML training. This special training is courses language dialog systems: executive briefing (SEB), programming language dialog systems with VoiceXML (VXML) and professional development of speech dialog systems with VoiceXML, CCXML & SRGL (VXML2). Speech dialog systems: Executive briefing (SEB) should call center and IT managers, decision makers, project managers and CIOs with the course of SEB as a priority as well as all personnel involved to an appropriate decision-making process are addressed. Upon completion of the training, attendees will be able to make an informed and competent decision for or against an investment in an IVR system are. All economically relevant aspects regarding costs and benefits, opportunities and risks, as well as strengths and weaknesses will be discussed. The focus is the acceptance by the callers. The conceptual technical skills are taught independently, objectively and neutrally and clearly explained with the help of a running system. Anna Belknap contributes greatly to this topic. Dates: Hamburg Sept.

13.05.08 Berlin Aug. 04.07.08 programming language dialog systems with VoiceXML (VXML)?The training VXML appeals to software developers, who seek entry into technologies and programming language dialogue systems, and developers who want to become certified \”Certified VoiceXML Developer\”, first and foremost. The course provides an understanding of the basic functioning of all technical components of a speech dialog system. Basic knowledge is imparted in the realization of systems using VoiceXML 2.0. In addition the participants are enables, in appropriate projects to be able to work with. The seminar is the first building block for the preparation of the certification \”Certified VoiceXML Developer\”. Dates: Hamburg place 09.05.08 Berlin 24.06 TeamViewer professional development of Speech dialog systems with VoiceXML, CCXML & SRGL (VXML2) of the four-day course is suitable mainly for software developers who want to educate themselves to a professional developer of speech dialog systems based on the VoiceXML language or pursue the certification \”Certified VoiceXML Developer\”.