Muller-BBM At The SMM 2008 In Hamburg

50 years know-how presented Muller-BBM consulting services, products for the plus in comfort and safety on ships from September 23-26, 2008 and measurements in the field of ship acoustics for shipyards, shipping companies, design offices and suppliers In modern shipbuilding are more than just cosmetic fixes or exaggerated luxury acoustic optimisation measures. In many cases, they improve the possibilities of use of the vessel and sustainably increase its appreciation with owners and passengers. So it is today, for example, the expected comfort on a cruise ship, that the relaxation effect is not diminished by noise. Almost imperceptibly, numerous installed systems and units for the passenger must work in the area of cabins of a mega yacht. Research or naval vessels, the acoustic optimisation is often even a prerequisite for use at sea.

And finally the perception of warning signals and speech intelligibility everywhere on board must ensure for safety reasons. The acoustic conditions in a ship are extremely complex: on board are usually strong noise and vibration generator, such as diesel engines, cooling compressors, pumps and drive units. While the typical ship structures, as well as management and channel systems sound and vibrations provide ideal propagation conditions. Also, the portfolio of technical countermeasures is limited mostly from space and weight reasons. In this field of tension are therefore substantial experience and a holistic approach asked both offers Muller-BBM in all questions of ship acoustics for more than 50 years. At the booth of Muller-BBM, in Hall B2 EC 100, to shipyards, shipping companies, design offices and suppliers informed in detail and advice. The original ship acoustics waiting visitors to duck”to the take.