Moscow Credit

How to earn on an apartment bought under the mortgage Many Russians are middle managers who have available funds in the amount of $ 30.000 dealing with this kind of investment. Investment scheme resembles the scheme of the mortgage transaction. For example: a citizen buys a mortgage two-room apartment in the city. Mortgage loan is better to take only 3 years and an initial payment of 20%, the higher the initial payment, the higher will be your profit. Better to buy an apartment on the secondary market than in new buildings. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sela Ward offers on the topic.. With the average house price growth at 10 – 20% per year over three years will be to sell the apartment at 60-80% more expensive than purchased. Costs are as follows: The initial contribution to the 20% of the purchase price, the amount paid for the entire term of the loan interest – will be approximately 30%.

The costs of obtaining credit and execution of the transaction (an average of 1,5% of the cost of credit). Payment for mediation services (selection of credit and Apartment, 5% of the purchase price). A loan and execution of the deal (an average of 1% of the loan). Insurance costs for the period of credit – 3,3 thousand dollars profit is impressive. An average two-bedroom apartment can be earn about $ 100.000 in the Moscow region, or about $ 60.000 in other regions of our country..