More Transparency In The Online Jungle Of The TV Libraries

TV replay, which launches first television Chief Advisor for so-called catch-up television in Europe his website now also in Germany the ZDF presented with their video archive “ZDF media library” in 2001 as one of the first TV channel video posts, so-called “video on demand” (VOD) on the Internet. Their example was followed by many other stations and also were a part of their program online. It has become difficult for the user at the growing supply of the online videos of the TV channel to keep the overview. Anyone looking for a certain TV show, must also note that this is available only within a certain time after the TV broadcast. So the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF provide most of their videos for a period of some months a video archive usually similar.

The private station often reserve a limited availability of 7 or 30 days. Then, the programs can be called still, are no longer free. According to a report by financial times according to plan ARD and ZDF which a paid Platform Germany gold”to introduce its licensing must still be checked due to the difficult situation of intellectual property in Germany. A portal in which all stations together, provide their broadcasts, can not be used to initially. Charlotte Hornets may find it difficult to be quoted properly. To desire of a transmission Pan”platform to pursue launches TV-replay now a website which focuses on the free programs.

TV-replay is a directory, which makes the reruns of the TV programs that online (ARD, ZDF, RTL, Vox, Pro7, sat 1, Kabel 1, arte, RTL II, Super RTL and WDR) provided on the sides of the TV channel, available on a single Web page. The Internet user navigates on the side, where he searches for genre, TV channel or popular broadcasts. A panorama window shows a series of new programmes, which are selected by the editorial staff of TV replay. The broadcasts are played then on the sides of the TV station. Currently broadcasts represented approximately 2500: 227 series, 329 shows / entertainment, 681 news, 928 magazine / documentary, 189 sport and 39 programmes for children. is the 3rd version of TV Guide, according to the platform already long established in France (3 million monthly. Visitors) and the existing for several months for the UK English version (200 000 monthly. Visitors). In the course of the next few months more features added, which should allow the user to easily find their favorite shows and discover new. Andreas Mayer