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Car insurance: New flag for moped and co. As soon as snow and ice begin to melt and the spring arrives, it tingles the most drivers of motor reels and co. already in your fingers. The season of mopeds starts again from March. Until then quite a bit can be arranged, because from this year are the new security features.

The online portal informs about the details of the innovation. When concluding the insurance, drivers are informed by mopeds in immediately to bring the new flag for the new season beginning in March 2012. They get them directly from the insurance company upon completion of their liability. Also quad bikes and Segways, and certain medical wheelchairs belong to the insured vehicles in addition to mopeds, motor scooters and mopeds. The new flag is blue this year and must be replaced at the turn of the month with the white sign with black writing of the previous year.

Therefore it serves as proof of the completed car insurance. Was in an accident that License plate not be present, the policyholder to risk their insurance coverage. With a corresponding motor vehicle liability of drivers in accidents against damage hedges of third parties, which are then covered by the insurance. It engages but not damage to your own vehicle. In this case, a partial cover insurance should be completed for the additional protection. A comparison of the available insurance is worth it because the necessary posts can vary greatly. For the liability, they move in a frame from 45 to 130 euros and in the partial cover insurance between 80 and 215 euro per year with a deductible of 150 euro. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann