Monika Martin

In fact, it seems that as if Monika Martin to would have discovered new facets. There was no other man, no other Monika, but the personal development in the areas of creative is unmistakable. Compared with the first ten years of her career she has today arrived at another artistic level. She is constantly in motion, is unlocked the songs from constraints only themselves, their music, and first and foremost required the audience. And this audience will feel this artistic development. Monika Martin has a very close and good line to their fans and that allows her to take her on a trip through her musical development – and like the fans will accept this invitation. So she encounters freed another window and is looking forward to every look in their newly established Liederhaus. Can you hear even Mississippi”is, if you will, the young girl’s room in this Liederhaus.

The song has a story and it starts with their confirmation. The aunt has a turntable to the confirmation the young girl one day given. “To a single plate: Mississippi” sung by the Dutch Band Pussycat. The plate was in continuous operation and Monika more yelped as she sang. The love of the song they shared more with her best friend with her mother, because she would prefer pulled the plug after the song permanently came out of the speakers. Each of us has such songs, songs that accompany us since the youth, the first bars button trigger memories. Years later, I was at an event in the Konig Pilsener-arena in Oberhausen and with me was also a Pussycat in the program. As the then sang this song, I’ve seen the sold-out arena this incredible atmosphere I have spontaneously taken my phone, called the girlfriend of then and let them listen in on the phone. “Finally I asked: you can hear even Mississippi?” “It is a reminder of the beautiful time and time honest: we have all our own private Mississippi”? You still have a suitcase in Berlin”is also a story that rarely is foreign to someone.