Mobile Air Conditioners

Nowadays, air conditioners help to create comfort in your home or at work. In any area where a person spends much time with the help of modern air conditioning systems can create favorable conditions for work and leisure. In this article we want to focus on mobile air conditioners, which are very popular due to ease of installation, as well as prostate and reliability in use. Learn more at: actress. Mobile air conditioners – a good solution, if for any reason you are not able to install a split system or window air conditioner. Portable Air-Conditioners (more they are called mobile or outdoor air conditioners) used in the country, in the office, in a rented apartment or an industrial premise.

Externally, a mobile bedside on wheels, so air conditioning can be easily moved into place convenient for you, to move from room to room, transported and used not only for cooling, but also for heating and dehumidification of indoor air. To install the mobile air conditioners (as opposed to split-systems) is not required at the time and expertise conditioner is installed on a flat surface is not more 30 cm from the wall. Bought – plugged in – are using. Heat from the working air conditioner is drained through the corrugated hose (diameter 120 mm.) In the open window, door, vent system outputs, or ventilation. If the power of mobile onditsionera exceeds 2.5 kW. And the length of the channel for removal of hot air exceeds 2m. Recommended the use of forced outflow of hot air installing additional outdoor unit with a fan.