Mineral Waters Laccoliths

In the south – is the foothills of Mount Elbrus, the valley of the rivers and Hasaut Malki, in the west – the upper reaches and Eshkakon Podkumka and north of the city-resort stretches from the railway station of Mineral Waters. On the site, is 4,000 square kilometers, nature has created several mineral waters. The surface area is an inclined plane, the downward from south to north, where the southern piedmont relief changes in the steppes of Stavropol. The southern part of the area is cut by deep gorges and ravines. North and east of Kislovodsk rise Borgustansky Dzhinalsky and ridges that surround the valley of Kislovodsk and create it picturesque landscape. The northern part of the area is open and CMS enliven the 16 mountains, laccoliths, many of them very picturesque and covered with mixed forests, and at the foot of Mashuk, Beshtau, Iron and Razvalka come to the surface healing keys. Gory-laccoliths formed under the action of volcanic forces, penetrating magma svodoobrazno raised, and partly broken through the upper rock.

Stiffening, the magma formed intrusive body, hidden surface layers. The process of formation is often accompanied by fractures laccoliths rocks. Formed by faults and fractures from the depths to the surface and mineral water springs out. Intuitively, this can be seen in Pyatigorsk, where around Mashuk 40 outputs a variety of sources. In the center of laccoliths Caucasian Mineral Waters region rises five-headed giant Beshtau (1399.8 meters), it was he who gave the name of Pyatigorsk (Beshtau – means five mountains). Near mountain Mashuk (993.3 m), with its wealth of sources, and failed, Dzhutsa (1.089 m), Yutsa (920 m), Snake (994.6 m), Razvalka (930.2 m), iron (859.4 m) around which is also a lot of hot and cold mineral springs, etc. Jay Schwartz is often quoted on this topic. laccoliths, these failed volcanoes give a special charm to the edge.

Renowned researcher Caucasus Mountains Academician GV Abikh called them archipelago of rocky islands. Caucasian Mineral Waters area is vast, but resorts are fairly compact. Total 60 kilometers away from the station of Mineral Waters of the southern resort – Kislovodsk. Resort towns are connected by train and motorway: just one hour's journey from the airport to the center of Kislovodsk and 25-30 minutes to Pyatigorsk.