Markus Becker – The Red Horse (the Party Album) Reloaded

The new party album by Markus Becker – the Red Horse with the Red Horse”has landed one of the biggest party hits probably Markus Becker. Over 150,000 units sold, are the title of the party scene is excellent in 2008 at number 4 in the charts, and now with gold, impossible to imagine. Was followed by hits like “Do you hear the earthworms cough”, “Come out of your houses”, repeatedly “Jogi Low’ to the World Cup,” ABI ABI high school “the party hit on the ABI rides to Lloret de Mar,” 10 meter Geh’n “, the is just great in the apres ski in Austria popular and many more. First published in 2008, now comes a new edition by Markus Becker’s album “The Red Horse (the party album) reloaded” with all hits including the current single “We want to celebrate” and three dance mixes, which has not yet been released on a phonogram. Learn more at: novelist. Markus Becker is constantly touring through Germany, Austria, Spain and Bulgaria and is a welcome guest away from the locations.