Mara Kayser – He Is Back Here

Watch from the current album “What you waiting for?” and be attentive to the people, on every single encounter, which gives the inspiration to write these stories, then packed Wolfgang Herrmann like no other in music (Mara Kayser 2011) many years lie between the first encounter in this park and today. Time and again when it is late summer and makes her walk, she looks longingly on the bench. San Antonio Spurs has much to offer in this field. It is often empty or sit it to foreign people. Long past sentimental memories come back every time at this very special moment, a brief encounter of two looks. Only today it is different (a story that was narrated like.) The words are skillfully the Wolfgang Herrmann, a music to the story around has written and arranged.

History gives the instruments the sounds. The dynamics of music brings this history to the swing and invites to dance. Are you waiting for this single release from the album what? “not really tells the authentic story to end, she lets the imagination free rein as she continues. Sometimes sounds music like a summer morning or a rainy day, like a bustling city or a quiet lake. This music could usher in even a sunny autumn.