Management And Administration

The feeling of belonging to a team endures throughout time, and although one has ceased to belong to that team, that feeling of loyalty is maintained. Management must be very careful in exercising their functions to have the integration of a good team, enabling it to achieve the objectives set towards performance, operability, productivity of the business under their charge. You must ensure cohesion, dynamics of a team to ensure results and where each team member is fully identified not only with their commitments, work tasks, but with the group, joining in such a way that the combined efforts den mutually beneficial outcomes. In many Venezuelan companies, especially SMEs, there is an absence of integrated teams, cohesive, well, with little integration between the management with them, bringing as a result, serious conflicts that affect organizational behavior, organizational climate within the company downtime, costs. Hence the importance of explore this issue so that at the present time management is to identify more with their work teams and take into consideration some aspects that are developed through the article. Scholars on the subject remind us of some important points that deserve to be considered, from its definition, general considerations, scope, impact Definitions, concept, scope is defined a task force according to Katzenbach and K. Smith "Reduced number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a purpose, a scope of work and a joint planning and shared mutual responsibility." For his part, Luis Riquelme Fritz defines it as: "Teamwork is a group of people working together to achieve a single overall result" Interested in topical note, to take into account that teamwork has become In recent years, one of the workhorses of the "gurus" of management, along with process reengineering, strategic planning, etc.. . Read additional details here: Glenn Dubin.