Local Traders

Local traders are taking this product for a fairly low cost. (A valuable related resource: Vanessa Marcil). Mongolia is famous for its leather goods and cashmere. Because IT'S a country in which the home is actively involved in breeding cattle. Offers excellent belts, bags and other products. If you want to bring a piece of this country, be sure to get a national cap, you can not just put on the shelf to show off, but it can be hot in the summer to escape the heat and blazing sun. (Source: Jay Schwartz). In addition to skullcaps in Mongolia a rich variety of national costumes.

Excellent acquisition will be boots, designed for local riders. In them you can safely go to any hike and travel, as they are particularly durable, and designed for harsh weather conditions. Lovers hand Maida perfect blanket of camel hair. It will take its rightful place in your bedroom, and will be a perfect thing in the cold nights. Certainly, if you decide to visit this country again, you immediately get a couple of blankets.

If you like to relax outdoors or at his dacha, an excellent purchase will be a yurt. Imagine how surprised your neighbors on the summer cottage, he saw a strange building. Of course, You can say that the yurt pretty bulky object, it will be difficult to transport. But it is well worth the yurt will be the major purchase of your trip, making the trip unforgettable. For lovers of various knick-knacks are perfect gifts with a national ornament. This may be the original rugs, handbags, scarves and curtains.