Live Music Stage

There, the Schneider company presents their bumper formula 1 and the company Ahrend from peine of their music express JAGUAR, which will invite you to a pleasant mountain and Valley drive. The children wave plane by Schneider and the children’s carousel of Thelen are also available for the children. To join the schaustellerische rows of shops, which will provide for the meals with typical Carnival treats like candy floss, crepes, ice cream, roasted almonds, etc.. At the skating rink in the Park near the market square, the second stage will be to find. This is aimed mainly at the younger audience and many live gigs by local and national pop, rock, metal, indie and hip hop bands, a hip hop jam and a street dance contest will be held. The program of this stage can be found also on Facebook: Live Music Stage at the Brackweder pig market. But there are to see more on and to the pig market and experience: the savings bank in main street hosted by the August till 27/08 in their Foyer the home Club a picture exhibition on the pig market, opens its doors during the three fixed age, it is a moving type on Sunday, the 26 at 15: 00, on the selfsame all shops on the main street will be from 13 until 18: 00 open and the traditional piglet sweepstakes with cash prizes of up to 570 euros will be held again, etc, etc – so a really reichhaltigstes program, which quite is comparable with the Bielefelder leash Weber market, only in the smaller format. The pork market is open on Friday and Saturday from 2 to 10 P.m., Sunday 10: 30 to 19: 00. The program including tickets to the pig raffle you can here look, download and print out: pork market 2012 program. We wish the organizers and all participants of the pork market, that the great efforts will be rewarded to offer a comprehensive program, and thus the swine market with the Carnies will rise again in the course and in the coming years more large funfair stores to the pig market in Brackwede will be found! Text: Oliver Ziegler pictures: Oliver Ziegler / Brackwede District Office