LCD Camera

At present, due to the large increase in the number of cars, the camera in the car is indispensable for the automobile owner in the city. But not for every car provides full-time rear-view camera with markings, and even more rare is a rear view camera, a part of the car and set it by the manufacturer. The main features of the universal car cameras Rear View markings are functionality and quality. Can be installed in any car is absolutely easy parking and reversing both novice and experienced drivers. Installing car camera rear-view allows you to get rid of the perennial problem of parking the car. Unlike other technologies, such as parking sensors, back-up camera shows everything space behind your car. Image quality from the rear view camera is displayed on the central monitor located on the front panel or on a special rear-view mirror, complete with LCD-monitors.

Car rear view camera designed for convenient parking while reversing. Quickly installed on cars of all models in the following locations in the cabin under the rear glass, a trunk lid or in the case rear bumper. Back-up camera automatically transmit the image when you turn on the back of the transfer. When choosing a rear view camera must be guided by the following criteria: the angle of the camera, the camera matrix, sensitivity to light and the setting. Universal rear-view camera are shockproof, dustproof and waterproof casing, designed for large operating temperature range. Use car rearview camera is an excellent addition to parking sensors. An important advantage of the rear view camera – is the lack of need for intervention in the on-board vehicle network and easy installation products. By installing a car reversing camera, you get an excellent overview and image quality in difficult road conditions, built-in automatic backlight improves visibility at night, and parking lines will safely maneuver in reverse.