Kir Royale

1. If your heart closer to the evening festivities, you'd better get married in the evening weekday (to register their marriage in the prescribed manner and handle all formalities with the registry office). In this connection, you can easily save money on colors, lease cafe or restaurant, car rental and other important expenditures. 2. Use the services of a dj, not the music group. Be sure to ask the dj to take care of the background music for the event.

and Of course do not forget to bring dance music for the event. 3. Rent a banquet hall in the daytime is much lower than in the evening. Be sure to inquire about renting the premises at night, and what discounts exist in the institution. In the honeymoon is better to go the next day after the banquet.

4. Pre-compose the menu for the wedding and no harm will start buying treats and ingredients for food for 2 months before the wedding, if we talk about foods with long shelf life. Pay particular attention to the proper table layout and placement of cards on it for the guests. 5. If you love eggs, you need to buy her very much. It will be sufficient In order to make sandwiches with caviar and serve them to each guest during the massage. So you can make a sandwich with smoked or salted salmon and add the slices of boiled eggs. 6. No need to buy expensive alcoholic beverages, including expensive champagne. Try to restrict the usual sparkling wine as the Kir Royale, Bellinu, either the Soviet or Rostov. You can also use the champagne just for cutting the cake. 7. Not try especially to fantasize with a meal. No less elegant on the table will look delicious, juicy chicken dish on the background to the more expensive veal, beef or mutton. Be assured that none of the guests will not stay indifferent to skillfully cooked chicken legs with crispy potatoes. 8. Sometimes the traditional wedding reception, which includes three kinds of gatherings and refreshments obtained more costly than providing 'Swiss table' with light snacks and light alcoholic drinks. But in any case, do not save on a wedding cake! Field trips also will save a significant portion of funds. 9. Instead of to buy expensive invitations or to design their own, it would be better to buy inexpensive invitations, and decorate them at home. Invitations you can decorate with colored paper, a sprig of lavender rose petals, a layer of fine fabrics. All this will bring a touch of individuality in the design of invitations at the same time save a considerable amount of money. 10. No matter what type of celebration you choose, though an expensive restaurant or Tour the city, low-budget vacation cafe or on your favorite holiday cottage. In any case, one must be cautious eating large amounts of alcohol on an empty stomach, or on a hot day, being in nature. Do not forget that wedding is a celebration reunion of two loving hearts, and not an everyday occasion once again to drink plenty and lose control over their actions. In conclusion, we wish you: the Council, and love!