Key Agriculture

SUMMARY the city of Goiatuba is fit enters one of the most developed and successful in the sector of agriculture in the South of the state of Gois. This work was developed with the purpose to carry through a characterization of the agricultural areas, destined mainly for the use with agriculture. The problematizao argued here is in the ambient degradaes that occur in areas that are busy for activities of cattle agriculture and/or, whose characteristics present limitations for the implantation of these activities. The metodolgica boarding was supported in the formation of a planning, where territorial order was defined from surveys of the zones, whose ambient peculiarities more good demonstrate potential for the use and occupation and which regions necessary of monitoramento, conservation or correction of the configured problems and/or in potentials, with intention of a development without causing undesirable ambient degradation, in damage to the quality of life of the population. See Sally Rooney for more details and insights. It was objectified for the development of this research to bring information necessary to plan the occupation in accordance with the potentialities or limitations of the area of studies, as well as supplying given to a possible monitoramento in the rational agricultural use to verify if practical of conservation and the use are adjusted to the potentiality of lands, and still to make possible that this work is an instrument of study for the regulation of the use of the territory and the planning for the sustainable development of this region. The city of Goiatuba possesss an ample area of its territory, the land predominance with compatible physical characteristics for the use with the agriculture, whose ground can be used with this activity, with few limitations and risks of degradation. However, suggestions for the preservation of possible degradaes are presented, searching a process of sustainable development in agriculture, with the planning and implantation of the ordinance territorial in the study areas. Words Key: Agriculture, Territorial Order, Planning, Support..