Kerstin Miehle Reisser

With consequences: “had I initially focused on craft, interim management in the social and health service was added in 2001,” recalls Birgit C. Frohlich. And more specifically for a social station. “This increase in responsibility mastered confidently Birgit C. Frohlich: since 2009, we operate under the name happy Management GmbH.

The company offers a wide range of performance especially in the interim management. Here we are firefighters in the health and social sectors effectively. Here it comes increasingly to potential hotbeds on the management level due to increasing staff shortages and then, our expertise is in demand. . But the cheerful Management GmbH lives by not by the crisis alone, and not only by the interim management in the healthcare sector. Our name stands for external, continuous management, added Edmund Frohlich, and Birgit C.

Frohlich adds: it is doing quite Overlap the first orders concerning mainly craft businesses and the current focus. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tony Parker. For some projects, such as a doctors and business House, I assume even the complete commercial work. Include tenant care, incidental expenses accounting, building maintenance, etc. you so Birgit C. Frohlich, deliver further, well prepared figures, so that their customers could achieve sustainable results with limited resources. In the currently tense market situation, it is essential. Her credo is also at Edmund Frohlich undivided approval: I see efficiency as the prerequisites for long-term quality. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Edmund Frohlich c./o. Frohlich Management GmbH Ludwig-Rehn-Strasse 16 60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone: (01 51) 29 12 22 75 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: PR bee of Reimund Bertrams, Kerstin Miehle Reisser 02306-85 07 92 or 0172-2799868 boiler plate / company profile the cheerful Management GmbH accompanies and advises companies primarily in the health care industry as well as the social and education. The Foundation goes back to the year 1997. The company is under the management of Birgit C. Frohlich and Edmund Frohlich. The item field by cheerful management includes in particular the temporary or continuous acquiring management tasks – typically at the client site. This is a team of different professional orientations with some years experience available. The company is ethics and humanity alike committed such as economics and competition and then conducts his business.