Jorge Alberto Magallanes

After days of created your blog and that you have some articles in, you would begin to receive the commentaries of your visitors, ten in account that to know what those readers, consumers or potentials clients want, needs or thinks on you or your business, ayudarte can solve problems that only they can to see, to optimize your products or services or power to create other that your you know that they are of great demand. Soon we have the subject of frequent update to obtain positioning in the finders, includes key words in the title and the same at the most four or five times in the content of the article would help you to that the same are indexed quickly by the finders. There are some advice here or suggestions to present ours blog, when initiating before beginning to promote it, to register them, inserts in your blog four or five articles, since the people who begin to visit will want it to find something to read and to participate, or will want to see the quality than these writing to decide if they will follow visitndote or no, and this it will not be able to obtain itself you have a single entrance. It locates the bellboys RSS and Feed in a visible place of your blog and invtalos to your users to register with phrases like for example Suscrbete to the Feed , Agrganos to your reader of EDF. , etc. Register your blog in the greater amount of directories of blogs and finders of blogs that you can, this would help you to place external liaisons that improved the PageRank of your blog and of your site. It places connections in all the pages of your site that aim at your Blog to lead traffic to him, to improve your position in the finders; also it uses your company/signature to promote your space, simply adding your URL after the company/signature when you send emails, publications, classified, etc.

Exist thousands of forms to promote blog more, for example to promote an entrance or post individually and to present it the world you must make a PING you can do, it from the site; what this application does is to say to the bases or directories to them of blog that you have updated your blog. This is only the beginning, after a time you would notice that you it is made simpler write articles and you would get used to more often interacting with your visitors or followers. In order to have major information on this or other resources to generate presence and income in line I invite, it visits to me in where it found resources and tools to generate income in line. A great one greeting, by its greater success in line.