Jazz Funk Classics

All of these releases have only confirmed the originality and uniqueness of the artist. In this creative activity at the time did not bring big profits (for example, in order to RetroActive there, Craig worked in the store, providing services of photocopying). However, RetroActive lasted not very long – after a fairly short period of time Damon and Charles separated, and Craig is not a very frustrating about this, has launched its own label, which gets the name of Planet E. November 15, 1991 marked the launch of the revolutionary-sounding label plate "4 Jazz Funk Classics, which Craig released under another pseudonym his – 69. With the release of this disc musician earned the nickname "techno wunderkind," and Charles himself, after a certain amount of time he released his debut album full Landcruising, which many critics, musicians and DJs acknowledged classic of modern dance music.

This album gave many new ideas for jungle music (take for example the track Bug In Bassbin) and many house-band took songs Throw and Oscillator as the standard of house music. Nobody denies the fact that Carl Craig, as well like Basic Channel and Underground Resistance is one of the most outstanding musicians, successfully working in the genre of experimental dance techno, constantly bringing in new elements to the genre and turns. Just as soon as the release of "Landcruising" follows the album Project 69 "The Sound of Music" and a collection of his early work Elements 1989-1990, which produced a musician under the pseudonyms of Psyche and BFC.