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Developers creating Skype, take into account the low speed dial-up connection and did it so that the qualitative relationship between the two parties is possible even with fairly mediocre connection. If you are concerned about the confidentiality of communication, that Skype encrypts all transmitted data. mIRCmIRC – a popular client for a network of IRC (Internet Relay Chat). With mIRC, you can take part in discussions on one of the thousands of IRC-channels (rooms) in one of the hundreds of IRC-networks, or to talk privately with your family or friends, no matter what part of the world they are. With mIRC you will find a lot of people who share common interests, ideas, problems. The Bat! Popular email programs. In The Bat! There is a fully customizable user interface, protection against viruses and spam with plug-ins. Program The Bat! present opportunities grouping of letters, correspondence, encryption, built-in finisher email, check Spelling and many other features.

Mass DownloaderProgramma for easy downloading of files from the Internet via HTTP and FTP. Mass Downloader splits the file into pieces injected and shakes all the parts of one file at a time. Mass Downloader program can automatically connect to your ISP, download the file and disconnect. MultimediWinampPopulyarny media player from AOL / Nullsoft with a wide range of options. In some views, and detailed descriptions of functions Winamp does not need. It should say that Winamp supports most formats of audio and video files, can convert mp3 files from conventional music CD and record them on your computer.