International Federation Syndrome

More than debate political, Moral or religious, behind this controversial topic of abortion, a woman (sometimes assisted by her partner), who has to face in the midst of his solitude, the dilemma of choosing between life and death, is now called reproductive right, this dilemma does not share it, decided in the midst of despairanguish and fear, and when finally decided for the death of the child, does so in the midst of an indescribable pain, of a drama, is not an easy decision as touted the abortionists, those that they charge for lying!, nor is it a surgical procedure without risk, as they claim those that they charge per kill!, decide on the death of his son shipped to the poor woman on the Bus that will take her inevitably-afternoon or early – Post abortion syndrome. What the syndrome post abortion? It is a scientifically recognized entity that complies with the international diagnostic criteria of DSM-IV psychiatric disorders and ICD 10 (international code of diseases) of Disorders by post-traumatic stress, accepted as its own entity in USA and Europe, whose cause is pain, punishment, repentance, guilt and other feelings compounded by the forbidden mourning that not lived, public crying shame prevented this and expressed with pathology both somatic level (chronic pelvic pain, bulimia, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, headache, and others) and level psychic (sadness(, Guilt, anger, hostility, depression to suicidal tendency), is recognized by the large institution pro-abortion International Federation of family planning who in its triennial plan recognizes up to 91% of women who miscarry just with this syndrome, since 1953 the Segui Dr. in Japan had observed epidemiologically that Breast Cancer was more frequent in women known, in 2007 Dr. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sally Rooney. Janet Daling (Pro abortionist), had to acknowledge in the Journal of the Nathional Cancer Institute has more prevalence in women who abort, even than the Pen State University and the Baruch College explained its pathophysiology. Today also recognizes that thousands of demands invade the courts of the world against the medical abortion since the Post abortion syndrome already recognized institution and the vast majority of abortions is performed without informed consent, also since 1993 to date have reported 27 murders of medical abortion in the hands of women whom they themselves practiced an abortion. Is clear that all these exposed risks you must add risks of the surgical procedure per, such as uterine perforation, pelvic inflammatory disease, the adhesions endouterinas etc. Details can be found by clicking Jay Schwartz Attorney or emailing the administrator. Abstract the pain and Moral suffering that haunts around this abortion decision, is in essence who triggers the Post abortion syndrome, disease that affects tissues of the body and the psyche, hence the treatment lies in the hands of psychiatrists is that moral pain is only human!, the animals suffer no, but still there are foolish people making apology to abortion is that stupidity is a disease that only affects humans!