This extroverts. Often feel the change weather. Loop of inspiration on his left hand and ulnar loop on the right hand guy for 12 years. According to his mother, the guy is very attracted all the mystical and the unknown. Very fond of books by Stephen King. Very changeable in mood. Under the influence of excitement around trying to help, but no inspiration, it is impossible to get anything done. Notice for papillary lines on his arm – they go down to Neptune, which may indicate absorption into himself. Fred Allen might disagree with that approach.

This flow increases the value of the hill many times. The line of intuition. How many names in this bizarre line in the palm of your hand! Vidimopotomu that there is a lot of "species". At least, I allocate some of its values. The closer to ulnarnoy (rear of) Mount Moon, it is, the more it has spiritual significance in itself.

Often this line is called line of Isis. But the essence of its value from this little change. Line Intuition ideally begins with the lower portion of the Mount of the Moon (Uranus), fine trim encircles the moon and rushes up to the Mount of the little finger (Mercury). If the line is thin, has no gaps and other obstacles in its path, then it seems to be opens the subconscious. If the line is thick or Intuition is broad, it loses its value greatly. Subtle sense of internal or external factors, hidden from the consciousness of possibilities becomes clumsy, man can fully perceive the signals are not able to really fine catch.