Initiative Men

The men’s vest in the course of time – from the “No. Click San Antonio Spurs to learn more. go” to the “lifestyle”, the statistics contain little information – men’s T-shirts manufacturers can elicit from no numbers – even men magazine shy away from the direct demand on the subject of “Man wears vest?” often What for one since childhood of course, is often for the other a topic more likely to verschweigendes: the vest. Husband loves it or hates man. So there is the avowed vest carrier. Often to find in movies, whether as action hero with shredded leather jacket over the chest hair or as a Lady-Killer with semi-open shirt on the toned bare chested. The Group of shorts vehicles that would even prefer not to cover the upper body can be found in the more southerly climes. So to do hard yourself, to find real numbers about the behavior of men in relation to the men’s undershirt. Only if a discussion arise, one is amazed how many men sign for Word and your very own opinion in relation to one of the Classic garments from the Mr wardrobe to the best type.

Surveys to the topic while some amazing insight, give but not really the man of today now a men’s vest is the answer to the main question – or not? One of the most recent surveys comes from the Switzerland and with a smile at the corners of the mouth is so many ‘ one recognize. So it has come out that the average Swiss (men and women were interviewed) a week three full hours dealing with the iron and who caught here himself? irons also his underwear! Even 30 percent of respondents regularly press their vests. In France, loves it even half of the population still smooth and prefers the clean, ironed underwear. These results to an own small survey have inspired also the Brandenburger lingerie manufacturer ALBERT cross, and so he asked his customers who irons his Undershirts of them.