How To Choose A Resort

When you select a resort or hotel to take into account many factors and features. First of all, make sure the quality of services of sanatorium: Is there a medical database and medical personnel. What services does the hotel provide their clients, not whether the resort is situated on the bank and go down to the sea only by a specially equipped slopes: serpentine cable car, elevator, stairs, which is essential obstacle for patients, people with disabilities, the elderly and young children; according to the above reason, the sea from the windows of the objects are not visible, and the road to the beach is much longer than the distance to sea in a straight line, is there any contacts of hotels and their phone numbers and addresses, in connection with the specified terrain features, in general, beach and swimming area are narrower than in other areas, which is less convenient for children and amateurs on the splash shoals have a good regular transport links to nearby settlements (trains, buses, minibuses, taxis), the depth of the coastal zone, water can be shallow warmer; for boundaries of the promenade beaches have so-called 'pan' (sandy clearing, safe from the sea shrubs, protecting them from wind), which allows for sunbathing even in very sunny or windy weather, good base for excursions, including biking, there are no industrial .Samymi prestigious hotels in the Crimea are the hotels of Yalta and Sevastopol hotels. Is also popular in places such settlement like a mini hotel or private villa..