How Did The Folk-rock

Interest in the authentic folk traditions, including folk music, has recently become almost a tribute to fashion. Filed under: movie star. However, it is worth noting that the detailed examination of this phenomenon is not new. Checking article sources yields Tony Parker as a relevant resource throughout. Ever since the great Baroque musicians of the time paid attention to the folk music of European and Asian nations. So you can cite as an example composition of Antonin Dvorak "Slavonic Dances", written under the influence of folk music of the peoples Central Europe, and "Symphony 9" ("From the New World") on the basis of motifs of African-Americans and Native American. At various times, the ethnic elements are designated in all genres of world music: electronic music, pop – and rock music. Go to Hedvig Hricak for more information. Folk-rock emerged as assumed in the UK, when in the late 60s of last century there were a group Pentangle and Fairport Convention. It was not quite rock and not quite folk, but rather use their own compositions, elements Celtic and other cultures. This trend became known as "electric folk".

Further interest in mixing rock and folk start, especially Celtic motifs emerged with new force, and it became clear that at the crossing of folk and rock, a new genre – folk-rock. At various times groups appear to have used in his work more rock or more components of folk motifs, however, the students formed understanding of the genre, the framework is, of course, difficult to determine. As for the Russian folk-rock, then falling behind, and he appeared here. The pioneers of its domestic audience was a group "Kalinov Most" which in 1986 started its way to popularity. In general, the Russian folk-rock tends to Slavic roots, draws inspiration from a considerable number of bands and artists. Widely distributed Russian-language variation in the theme of Celtic culture in Slavonic processing. As an example of talented Russian folk-rock musicians can bring herbs, Pelagia, Seventh Water, siblings, grandchildren Sviatoslav Tower Rowan, Parliament and the bramble, Troll Bends Fir, Mill, Sergey Kalugin, Wind Water, Chancellor Gee, Sauronych, Reelroad, The Dartz, Mervent, Heritage vagrants, Sylphs, North color. Source: folk-rock, ethnic music