In December 1908 she died that was a great shock to Hitler's life. After the death of Adolf mother again went to Vienna. Thus, the childhood of Adolf Hitler can not be called 'golden age' – heavy on the hand and despotic father, beaten, intimidated mother, the dream of a church career … and dreams, typical of a weak, closed, but the clever kids – about justice, about better life, the correct laws, as well as the ability to adapt, coupled with fanaticism towards once the goal. That order, which he established after many years in Germany, has its roots stemming from childhood. After a short time he managed to find a job 'on the profile': 'In 1909-1910 my personal position changed somewhat. At this time I began working as a draftsman and watercolorist.

No matter how bad it was for earnings – it was still bad in terms of my chosen profession. Now I did not return home at night deadbeat and unable to even pick up a book. My present work was done in parallel with my future profession. Now I was in a sense, himself master of his time and could distribute it better than before. I painted for a living and studying for the soul.

" It must be said that Hitler's watercolors sold out very active: the artist he was still good. Even those who are including itself and its political opponent does not even have to praise some of its manifestations, recognized the picture of young Austrians significant achievement in the arts. One reason for Hitler's desire to become an artist or architect was a desire to enter into a class ruling the world, the elite and Bohemians, and continue to surpass his father, who rose from peasant to officials. In the Viennese period began to form political preferences and Adolf. Probably anti-Semitism of Adolf also a native of Vienna. On the one hand, Jews in Austria-Hungary did not love and despise. This anti-Semitism at the household level was familiar with Hitler's childhood, was for him an integral part of the existing world. On the other hand, when Adolf moved to Vienna and tried to make a career artist, he could not help but notice the impact, and what financial resources are concentrated in the hands of the unloved and despised the Jews. This discrepancy could, of course, be the source of his anti-Semitism …