Hatonuevo, Exquisitely Beautiful Town In Northern Colombia

It was seven in the evening of November 5, 2006 when Leandro Diaz, one of the most important composers (lyricists) ordered the country, as a jury to repeat the last of the work submitted for the contest that would be chosen Hato nuevo anthem. Minutes later gave his verdict: the latter interpretation deserved to be selected as one of the symbols that identify forward to this beautiful town located in the heart of La Guajira. Murgas Wilder, who anxiously awaited the decision, could not resist the joy and melted in an unforgettable embrace those who accompanied him from early in the waiting. Indeed he is the composer of the melody selected and had to earn a place in history. On 24 October 1840 Amaya Blas lands were flooded by the waters of “The Well” a source from which was supplied by farmers and ranchers in the region to develop the activities of your business. Overwhelmed by the difficulty and not finding a better solution, decided to move his farm to a place situated not far from where once was.

When he finished he looked at his new property fiddling with satisfaction and said, “now I have my herd again.” Unintentionally had just to name the people whose colonization began. Hato Nuevo is a place where the sky and the sun to the earth together to compose a love song to life by whose verses inexhaustible parade, refreshing streams, fertile lands, mountain hills aspirations, mineral resources in abundance and ten thousand hearts that beat to the rhythm of love for his people. Murgas Wilder took all these elements and put them together in a poem to music in twenty lines which refers to a trickle Paladins where streams join Manantialito crying and also included in the new melody with Arroyo and Arroyo Seco clean, and Veresala hill villages of Angostura and Veracruz, and the Snuff village disappeared. There was also space to Despite the dictatorship of brevity, to places of great significance to local tradition Guamachito, El Cerro and Rodeito and the noble race of the Wayuu and honesty and adherence to work. The hato nueveros should be proud of their anthem.