Gunther Kaufmann Dead

Gunther Kaufmann had so much before and died Gunther Kaufmann became known prematurely at the age of 64 with the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, later he played and many others in the series “Derrick”. At the age of 64 years, the actor has died now. Gunther Kaufmann, a man who strongly resembled me a tree, died of heart failure at the 11 in Berlin at the walk. A witness tried to revive Gunther yet; chose also the emergency call and just eight minutes later came the ambulance; Despite a 2-hour struggle for his life he fell asleep. At the revival by Murat D. Gunther opened his eyes again, the heart beat again at the action, but Rettung-& ambulance abandoned after two hours. Gunther Kaufmann was declared dead. There are many stories about his life, the worst result was the, where he was arrested wrongly for murder in prison; After three years, the truth to light and he came again in freedom.

In a conversation with him, he agreed to me, the most over ten percent of the prisoners in Germany sitting innocent in prison. in 2009, he was briefly in the RTL jungle camp; where he reached again a large audience. 2011 the “Homies” movie came out then, where on 14 August was the premiere in Frankfurt (we reported). Here was the last to make it personal between us. There were still the acting colleague Detlef Scholzen, who played a supporting role in this film and the “Miss photogenic NRW”. So many projects were still at Gunther, so many shoots and appearances. Recently I was on the phone with him for a meeting in Berlin.

We had planned a little thing with a model we would have made with love in the Gunther. To the homies he premiered always have fun with our models and one sat at his request and then at the premiere next to him. First this had caused confusion, because the seating order was strict. The next Miss election of us he wanted to then also in the jury sit and play with movie by Cecil Diamond in the promo. We telephoned often and had two common, smaller projects. Unfortunately, these, have become no longer done as also his film that should get out of 2013 and would have shown his life. Rest in peace, Gunther, and live further in your films!