Great Moments

Shock rocker Alice Cooper and heavy Machos Whitesnake new CD live in Germany (thk) a tour package, the fans of melodic hard rock so far could only dream of, becomes a reality: Alice Cooper and Whitesnake present their classics as well as songs from current CDs on a joint tour of Germany! “” “” “Of the former, through hits like school’s out”, elected”only women bleed” or poison “known King of shock rock’ and epitome of spectacular shows, appears in advance the concept album along came A spider” (SPV, release: 25.Juli).) “” “” The five-member band to the former deep purple singer David Coverdale, whose reputation as a last big rock star “(Kerrang!) on muscular masterpieces like here I go again”, is This Love?”or Ain’t No Love in the heart of the city” founded, has a new record, however, already released in April and reached the top ten of the charts. “The Blues-soaked vital rock from good to be bad” (SPV) commented on Fans and critics consistently with hymns of praise. Together, these two bands, which are regarded as guarantor of rousing live performances, varied concerts full of class and power guarantee. Tickets for the shows cost 30 to 55 euros (plus fees) and are now available at the renowned sales outlets. Reprint free of charge; Alice Cooper & Whitesnake live in Germany 2008 special guest: tba. 17: 11 Berlin, Max-Schmeling-Hall 18.11 Hamburg, Sports Hall 20.11 Hannover, AWD Halle 21 Essen, Grugahalle 22.11 Nuremberg, arena 25.11. Erfurt, exhibition hall 26.11 Munich, Olympiahalle 28.