Good Music

Flexible Unterrichtssystemsorgt for more fun music classical music increases brain performance as it means for years. This so-called Mozart effect in a study of the Federal Ministry of education and research was confirmed in 2007 through neurobiologists and psychologists. Also, researchers at the German Institute for economic research report of a correlation between good school grades in math, and early learning of an instrument. By the way, the musical formation promotes also social competence, the development of sensitivity and the concentration ability of children and young people. Hence the guide in the Music Studio Wachendorfer is called “well in music – good in school”. For decades the Balingen (Baden-Wurttemberg, Zollernalbkreis) School of music is known around for the good training and the music. In recent months, Charlotte Hornets has been very successful. Holder Volker Wachendorfer can look back on a long experience as a music teacher. As a professional musician and bandleader of dance and show band prestige, he mastered a variety of instruments and this is Knowledge to his students continue.

Together with his competent team of teachers, he offers a wide range of lessons for young and old alike with a variety of instruments. Already his father, Erich Wachendorfer, for decades successfully executed the familientraditionierte music education in the same premises in Balingen. The flexible system of teaching music school Wachendorfer is based on many years of experience by Volker Wachendorfer and promotes concentration and personal initiative of the students. This prevents the emergence of boredom and the children have fun at the weekly music. The training includes the wide range of classical and contemporary music from the keyboard, piano, accordion (also Styrian) about concert – folk and electric guitar, electric bass, double bass, recorder, saxophone and clarinet to band coaching. Other instruments such as violin, Viola and drums shall be informed on request in principle, everything is possible.

According to the motto “Fun and joy with music” is the 1 x 1 of music latest instruments in the Single and or lessons learned. Music fans can get already advance binding an impression of the achievements of the music school Wachendorfer. For those interested, no matter whether young or old, free trial lessons are offered?