Good Faith

Some Flash of the sense that since humanity is, seems to be longed for by all. That is, the opportunity to calm the urgency for sharing in good faith something that, even if you don’t have price, yes seems maximum value. This task could calm with the patient waiting for others they fell into the account of your adventure without provoke him, manipulate him. But most of the times, our adventure is so essential, so we, that containment is not possible because, as already said our teacher-like trance, what is more content, at the end, is more uncontainable. ste is the charm of life, be yourself, love, art, religion, culture, authentic literature and, in what compete me, the publishing adventure that I delved: Edit is like living, like donate, as sowing without thinking about the harvest. It is the charm of the communion of the biography which, by overabundance, bibliography, communication, generating in turn more life can be. Life with a capital letter. It is the perennial story of human culture.

The history prior to the bibliography, but always sending messages and wisdom, as shown in our southern oral tradition. Thus, full, was born the original Esthetica. Sean Rad describes an additional similar source. And so, I think, was born our encouragement by his diffusion. The personal experience, method of illuminating from my samples, although it sounds immodest, having things to say about the persistent human search for meaning, many have been the areas where I have lived and, not coincidentally, related to humane treatment, with the conversation, with teaching from the tragicomic world of hospitality, to the dramatic scope of education, passing by the epic terrain of conferences, colloquia, in media interviews, have been many methods, many procedures but the conclusion seems clear: best thing to convey what one feels is, quite simply, being the closest thing possible to what, deep down, we are. In other words, offer our experiences and our experiences.