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However a list of 250 computers is available configured to measure, the highest rotation, and if required a computer according to specific needs and is not among its configurations, you only have to ask for it and they facilitate in minimal time. In general, the website is quite fast and simple to use, all items are normally available, who attached photo and a complete description of the product with in-depth details. Sometimes there is also the possibility to download us technical file in pdf. You can be noted in its catalogue of products as computers, their laptops and both original and compatible ink supplies. According to its general manager, Juan Angel Lopez Andujar, with our website we wanted give a clear idea that we are a very comfortable provider, to enable our clients the centralization of orders with the corresponding saving of time and money. Cables, controllers, integration components, printers, televisions, monitors, speakers, consoles and a long etc.

But to Blanyai there is something that does not change and Juan Angel Lopez says it well: our website is one aid is not a substitute for our sales department, always have preferred the personalised service, so if you need something that you cannot find on our website feel free to refer to it, as well as if you need special conditions for a particular operationin terms of shipping, payment or prices. For more information: BLANYAI Servicios Informaticos, S.L. Calle Tortola, 10, bass 28019 Madrid Tel: 914280919 E-mail: Web: about BlanyaiBLANYAI is an innovative and efficient company fruit of years of experience and dedication, reflected in his team and the quality of both its products and personalized service to its customers. Company dedicated to manufacture tailored to desktops, laptops and servers, as well as the distribution of consumables both original and compatible, commercializing next generation products. In Blanyai They combine services and distribution to offer a serious benchmark in the domestic computer market, saving time and money to its customers offering them the possibility to centralize their computing purchases. Blanyai, is a wholesaler of laptops and computer science, synonymous with versatility, experience and quality, a company that has become a computer wholesaler and distributor of computer and consumable components of reference in the market with a permanent stock of all its products thanks to their customers.