Gain Weight

Then looking to earn a few pounds. Do you have problems to gain muscle? Or maybe you have problems to manterlo. The relationship between the number of people looking to lose weight is more than triple that wants to gain weight, and perhaps have problems to get information on how to gain weight, specifically muscle and how to maintain it. There are a few things that you need to start to gain weight in muscle. Hear from experts in the field like rusty holzer for a more varied view. Then, without us scientists, here are my tips to help you achieve wonderful results.

First and foremost you need to eat more of what they consume. If you do not consume enough calories then you will begin to lose weight and will not be able to keep it. A quick way to know how many calories you need to consume is to multiply your weight in pounds by 12. Add 500 calories to gain about half a kilo of weight per week to that number. You do not exceed this because it is proven that half a kilo of muscle is the maximum that you can win in a week. Any number above is likely to be accumulate as fat, something that I guarantee you won’t want to. Gives you a couple of weeks to try and then make adjustments that you think necessary. It is important to get the right type of weight gain because but you will begin to gain weight and in this article, we are assuming that what you gain is muscle and not fat.

Therefore you will want to eat foods low in fat and rich in protein. Eating the proper amounts of protein is what will keep your muscles. Then it’s eat a quantity of protein at each meal. It is also important to eat a combination of protein and carbohydrates and fats because all the nutrients are important, but informate well about the proportions already which is important to gain muscle but is also preserve health. Remember also that subsequent meals and your training is very important, is at this time that body becomes like a sponge that consumes everything you give him, so it is important to give you carbohydrates and protein quality after your workout. Finally, distribute your calories to it long five or six meals and eat every three hours, this will also help you achieve your goals. If you want to know more about how to gain muscle, I recommend that you read your Ideal body. There is a healthy and safe alternative to using the science of nutrition to your favor and begin to achieve the changes that you want in your body, on a permanent basis.