Flat Piano

After removing tiles and details of opening the keyboard, is pre-cleaning parts of mechanisms using a vacuum cleaner. One must be careful in the area hammer mechanism, so as not to damage parts. Then you should carefully examine all parts, components and connections and remove the piano mechanism, possibly stemming from the negligent storage remains harmful activity "pets." Basically it is the consequences of an active breeding in the textile, felt fedoras and instrument details moths. It will be useful in various sizes and configurations of the brush first hard, and then with a soft bristle. Then I convince the client that, due to the poor condition of the tool, a little forced, "popylit" move my vacuum cleaner hose "on release" and "blow" the dust residues. The process is usually accompanied by tragic exclamations client, watched in horror at how the extracted "hundredth" dust settles on the flat pieces of furniture. To this we must be prepared to convince the hostess that "Art requires sacrifice." A classic and effective way to combat moth is tea tree oil. It is packaged in containers of 3-5 grams, is set in the bottom of the basement tool to cover necessary make a small hole.

The replacement must be done every six months. In our conditions, the steppe is spectacular plain white wormwood. A small whisk "saves" the piano from the moth from six months to a year. But not only is the mole pest piano, although it is most common and widespread, in practice, observed numerous cases where under the keyboard, for some reason, in the vicinity of 4.5 octaves, found a mouse nest classical, sometimes with mummified mouse pups.