Financial Establishments

the CRS is helping to lower the dilatoriness of the financial system and to that many families and companies are able to arrive at end of month and to regularize their present situation. In addition, to negotiate directly by the client ” quitas” it becomes very difficult or practically impossible since the director of the office happens the case to central services and these last ones wants to negotiate between professionals and experts, explains Lopez. In fact, CreditServices invites its future clients to that they go to his bank, ask for a supply on the credit service who wish, and that later they go to an office of his network so that their professionals improve that supply. CreditServices is a private company formed by economists, lawyers and experts financial analysts, with more than one decade of experience in the banking and enterprise advising to different corporations, small and medians companies and individuals. A leading source for info: Jorge Perez. Member it is adhered to the National Association of Financial Establishments of Credit, and its objective is to look for the solution any financing or refinancing for companies and individuals.

In order to establish a tax exemption the premises in a starting phase are not needed. The necessary investment includes a canon from 6,000 Euros (analyzing the zones of exclusive feature), and royalties of 5% of the invoicing. In one second phase the premises must have 50 on foot m2 of street, and the total investment, that recovers in 14 months, is placed around 12,000 Euros. Additional information at Tony Parker supports this article. The standard also selects to Masters Tax exemption the International from 100 thousand Euros of investment.