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“To illustrate two examples of damage: 1 thigh toning complication: patient suffers inflammation after thigh tightening sequence: renewed operation by doctor costs: EUR 1.900,- only insured by the medassure clause private settlement”, because patient is legally insured and was settled after GOa. “2 eyelid firming complication: streamlined patient eyelid rubs the eyeball result: renewed operation by doctor costs: EUR CA 3.000,- only insured by the medassure clause private settlement”, because patient is legally insured and was settled after GOa. ShortFacts / marginal notes: Patients must bear the treatment cost of an operation carried out the performance catalogue of the legal health insurance companies after the amendment of the health reform law since 01.04.2007. With medassure insurance, patients can this financial risk up to an amount of 250,000 Cover EURO. medassure pays claims for the recovery of the health insurance costs of medically necessary treatment, i.e. an operation, an investigation or an out-patient treatment, caused a complication after surgery for non-indexed medical aesthetic.

The prerequisite for this is that the operation in Germany took place and was carried out by a specialist authorised at medassure. Medassure cooperates exclusively with demonstrably qualified physicians to patient safety. Conditions: insurance period: 365 days from the day of the operation insurance rate: 80,-to 180,-euros as a one time contribution (depending on of operations & insurance type, smoking property) insurance amount: according versichertem maximum 250,000 EURO intervention insurable types of surgery: liposuction (FAT removal) Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), breast augmentation (breast enlargement) thigh lift Mastopexy (breast lift) arm surgery reduction Mammaplasty (breast reduction) Buttock lift Gynecomastia (reduction of the male. Mammary gland) Rhinoplasty (nose job) Otoplastie (ear correction) face lift (Rhytidectomy) cheek augmentation (cheek implants) lower body lift, chin augmentation (Chin implants) forehead lift blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) about j Hoyer & Cie. GmbH the Jahnke Hoyer & Cie. GmbH (JHC GmbH) in June 2009 from the collaboration between experienced insurance broker Dipl.

kfm. Uwe Jahnke and the project manager Dipl. kfm. Christian Wilhelm Hoyer emerged, the financial services and insurance companies in the development of advises Internet-based sales applications. The JHC GmbH works with the MARTENS & PRAHL-Gruppezusammen, one of the large German insurance brokers with more than 650 workers in the entire Federal Republic in over 70 partner offices. The JHC GmbH combines many years of know-how in terms of brokers with latest distribution channels and products. Covers for your customers safely and professionally the need for innovative insurance solutions that the Jahnke Hoyer & Cie. GmbH in Cooperation with the CHARTIS EUROPE – Germany – Directorate developed costs insurance medassure is a complementary insurance statutory health insurance. With this insurance, the costs can be secured for the first time from complications of cosmetic treatments and operations. Whether for example, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, or facelift: The costs for these and other procedures patients now with medassure can hedge against comprehensively.