Expensive Mexican Film

That most expensive film in the history of Mexican film is a melodrama as Arrancame Life reveals much influence will still have the Latin American literary Boom even today. Countries like Mexico, Brazil and Colombia made an effort at the state level to bring the best of literature to television and then to the movies. Tear Tape Life continues that tradition, with the smell of soap opera, but mainly indebted to the literature. In fact, Arrancame Life is based on the novel of the same name, the writer Angeles Mastretta. The structure of the film is more episodic than three-act structure.

This is due mainly to the character of Catherine Guzman does not have a clear objective and are dramatic rather the circumstances that lead her to make a will. Its goals go for independence, learning to "feel", support the candidacies of her husband, overcome her husband's infidelities, etc. The character never fails to convince us that has a clear goal in life. In fact, so As the movie ends: with a Catalina finally ready to do something for herself. Out of respect for who have not even seen the film, I would not reveal the final plot. But suffice to say that the extreme measure taken Catalina, somehow justify their indifference throughout the prelude to the act. That a woman who has made all of a sudden take a measure as sinister, somehow excuse the lack of motivation that we have seen before.

Despite this structure where prevailing circumstances, the film is good. Very good even. This is due to the presence of Andres Ascencio. While Catalina let life's master, Andrew wants to control everything. And in this counter is that the film works. Above all that being Catherine the only one who can control Andres, this gives us an idea of the real worth of the protagonist. Visually stunning and with an ending that leaves desire for a sequel, Arrancame Life is a recommended film. It is a vignette of Mexico that is no longer with their abuses and corruption, but also with passion. It may be there in the romanticization of the Mexican past, you can better understand the true essence of contemporary Mexico. ———————– If you want to know how to get loans, and visit. Discover the benefits.