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Benefits of European citizenship the euroargentinos and the euroargentinos are Argentines who have European citizenship. The most important group of the euroargentinos is represented by the descendants of Europeans who migrated to Argentina and who received citizenship jus sanguinis of their ancestors. Then there are those who have obtained the Europe Conference by marriage (jure marriage) according to the country of origin are divided into: angloargentinos, francoargentinos, Germanoargentinos, grecoargentinos, hispanoargentinos, italoargentinos, etc. Speaking candidly actress told us the story. Within the Euroargentinos, the hispanoargentinos and the italoargentinos represent nearly 80% of the total. , then follow the angloargentinos, the francoargentinos, the germanoargentinos etc with the elongation of the European Union on 1 May 2004, have been incorporated ten States more: Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic Czech, Slovakia., Cyprus, Slovenia. Malta.Many of these countries have descendants in Argentina.

This will allow many Argentines descendants of these European immigrants acquire the European citizenship and form part of the euroargentinos at the same time the Euroargentinos are part of the Eurolatinoamericanos, i.e. the European descendants who emigrated to various countries in Latin America and the eurolatinoamericanos have European citizenship and the euroargentinos have two patrias a birth or residence and another of his European origin. The rights of the euroargentinos are: reside, study and work in the twenty States members of the European Union, with equal rights of every European citizen, etc. I.e. they are recognized as citizens in all respects. Eligible survivors are the Argentines who have the right to obtain European citizenship by desconociemiento or disinterest it have not yet received citizenship benefits European reside and work freely in the twenty States which make up the European Union without a visa or work permit. Follow degree or postgraduate courses at European universities, with the rate for Europeans. Transmit European citizenship to children and spouse.

Protection of the European consulates, when traveling or living abroad. Practise in the EU, if you have her recognised undergraduate degree. Academic positions in European universities and officers in international agencies UNESCO, OECD, NATO, EU, FAO, CNRS, CNR, European Parliament, agencies of the European Union and European Central Bank. Vote in elections for the European Parliament in the EU. Study English in Great Britain, Ireland to Community price, and can at the same time work regularly. Scholarships offered by other countries or international agencies to European citizens. Entering the diplomatic corps of his European country if it has recognised the University degree and if you approve the admission contest. Enter as a student in the academies military, aeronautical and marine. Exercise your profession if you have validated your degree. Carry out any commercial activity foreseen by the European Union to vote in Argentina to elect deputies and senators in elections Parliamentary their European country (Spain, France, Belgium and Italy athletes (players of football, rugby, volleyball, tennis, hockey etc.), may integrate computers and selected European thanks to their European citizenship. Article courtesy of: citizenship Express processing and acquisition of European citizenship.