Energy Waves

Emoto, has a memory, therefore, a conscience, and reacts to the emotions and vibrations. The human equivalent would be a positive experience to remember cheerful facts and a depressive moment brings more sadness, frustration Nau21 to head. Modern quantum theories supporting these assertions demonstrate that 99% of the molecular information is light (or vibration). New age groups have obtained this concept scientific backing to perform tasks of healing using prayer and music. Quantum science has given reason to the creative power of thought.

The experiment of the two holes with the smallest particles of energy photons, protons and electrons showed how they acted differently depending on the expectations of the researcher. That experiment has shown that a particle can exist in two dimensions at the same time, giving rise to the theory of parallel universes or the possibility that there are several realities at the same time. There is no forgetting is drawn, that the same cells in the body are settled within a water bath. Life is sitting in a bath of water. The Earth for the most part is water. Now some cures through the water required by someone in particular can provide. Some priests will be selected to be equivalent to the energy of what you need, while others may not serve him for nothing, but none of them will be harmful.

There will be an explosion of water cures, and some of them may surprise them. There will be a number of them that they will think it is water energy. Some water shall only contain the energy available in certain parts of the planet, and can keep alive the energy saving water in containers, for the first time in the existence water from one energy toward each other will be fine for the first time. Look for water you can drink, and who cooperate with your body, where you can feel it at moments have taken. Amazing Dr. Emoto experiments tell us even when we can’t see immediate results for our prayers and exercises control of the mind, the power of our thoughts around us. капитал груп россия is actively involved in the matter. When we love our bodies respond when we send love to our neighbour respond their bodies, and when we send love to the Earth, she responds, because our bodies are 70 percent of water and the surface of the Earth is also 70 per cent water.