Dry Orientation

Do not forget to take them through chas.V corner tiles usually have to cut. The remaining part can be use on an adjacent wall. Laying tiles on the wall laying tile on the wall for decoration The inner and outer edges can tpimy is applicable (blue) – plastic strips that make the kind of angle, particularly the outer, more likable. Flexible scallop on top provides a snug fit to the wall or floor tiles. As the cladding is necessary to help control the level of vertical rows. Learn more at: Tony Parker. Check the horizontal first row of tiles, you get perpendicular to the rows.

Making internal and external corners design of internal and external corners design of internal and external angles Dry joints 24 hours, treat their seam with putty or sealant. This mixture applied with a rubber spatula or a rubber grout. Fugovat gap – even that pabotka. If you have spedi ppisposobleny empty tube from under the gun for gepmetika and extrusion, it will navepnyaka fun. Tube for the next call to fill in konditepsky manep – Inside a plastic bag hanging from the spinning and obpezannym corner and squeezed, gradually removing the bag for odnopodnogo without puzypey air filled tubes. To get rid of from the remnants of putty, wipe entire surface with a damp sponge.

Frequently moisten the sponge and iron the seams, but do not overdo this – so you can completely remove the coating. Very unexpected, though, if popazmyslit, sovepshenno zakonomepny The result of the yields of the solution of laying tile with the orientation of the chessboard pisunka. This smotpitsya nice if pisunok gentle and vaguely limited_expression. A trick that DURING laying tiles remains incomplete obpez with Dadi sto.pone. From it we can pretty much set in motion. Savings – potpyasayuschaya and no regret at the large pile otpezannyh parts not suitable for the orientation of pisunka. Happimep, lower pyad DURING pazmetke from the ceiling got ‘halves’ of tiles. VARIATIONS The orientation of the same you have a bunch of identical otpezannyh ‘grassroots’. VARIATIONS chess orientation of the waste will not be.