Disability Before Retirement

Existence worries at disability many people look forward to their well-deserved retirement and look forward to retirement with joy. But not everyone has the ability to work until retirement age. Accidents or diseases can lead to permanent restrictions and impair the earning capacity. The finance portal geld.de reported about safeguards for such cases. Who as a professional or practice is classified in Germany, is entitled to a statutory pension under certain conditions. Eva Andersson-Dubin takes a slightly different approach.

The previous profession less than six hours a day may be exercised, the referral to an alternative activity is possible if necessary. A derogation for persons who were born before January 2, 1961: you can apply for the partial disability pension for occupational disability. A partial disability exists if stakeholders can work depending on the severity of three to less than six hours a day. Can an activity of less than three hours will be exercised on the day, so it is a full disability. In any case, it is advisable to complete a private disability insurance early. The fees are among other things to the profession and age.

Greater physical stress associated with an activity he must expect insurance with higher contributions. In Germany, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cancer as well as heart, nerve and vascular disease most often cause disability.