Design Thonet

CHAIR THONET 14, an ANALYSIS UNDER the OPTICS OF the DESIGN Fernanda Kriger SUMMARY: To get a bigger knowledge on the study object, the chair 14 Thonet and its relation with the Design were carried through a research on the bases of this movement and in specific on the contribution of, to designer that it acted strong inside of the aesthetic Pop, and that it has its talentosos name as one of designers of this ethyl until the current days. For even more analysis, hear from Margaret Loesser Robinson. The subject of this research, therefore, is the Thonet chair model 14, contemplated for analysis under five different optics inside of the study of design, that they perfazem between itself, links that in them will bring ample understanding on this object of study. They are delimitations of the subject: the paper of the chair in periods of the history of the art, basic functions of the chair Thonet 14 as industrial product, ergonomic analysis of the Thonet chair, the Graphical Representation of the Thonet chair 14 and technological innovations in the manufacture of Thonet 14. The metodolgico drawing tracing for this project of research, is guided for the intertextualidade in what it competes to the description-contextual speech, and also for the visual analysis of a unit of the study object. In this context, one will search bibliographical references in books and sites of reference, beyond visual analysis of a unit of the study object. Word-Key: thonet, design, chair.

1.INTRODUO Trazemos for quarrel the importance of the chair Thonet 14, that it appears as revolution of the industrial process, at a historical moment where the paradigms between artesanato and industrial product gain much force. In this historical context, Thonet obtains with its innovative technique to conciliate art and standardization. This new concept of product exceeds the idea of that industrial product nothing has to see with design, in contrast, the chair Thonet 14 joins in its project the estandarizada productivity and fine and atemporal mass with one design.