Design Apartments Functional Division

The trajectory of movement inside the house depends on the arrangement of furniture and the location of functional areas. Placement of furniture should be justified in terms of optimal access to each of its elements and principles use. Agree that the place for receiving guests preferred to place closer to the door, but not in the far corner of the room to avoid unnecessary movement within the room. For the separation zones, there are different tools and techniques. One of these methods is the device of floors on different levels.

The second frequently used method is the "game" of floor covering materials. In this case, flush the floors of different rooms or areas covered Accordingly, selected on purpose, style, texture, and color of ceramic tile, wood, carpet, etc. With the assistance of the division of space is achieved by zoning the space in the design apartment. Beautifully combines a variety of materials will make even the most simple interior and inform their views on the functional areas of the home. For example, in the living room with parquet flooring, a rug or carpet can be put, where furniture is placed to rest, and an open kitchen area warm in tone ceramic tile, which is also easy to clean. To accommodate the ways of movement is particularly important organization of space multi-visit.

In most homes this is the living room. For the living room to find the right furniture, which should provide different types of activities: conducting interviews with guests, reading literature, video, etc. Furniture placement should allow free passage in both ends of the room, easy access to each subject, including windows. Zoning multipurpose rooms by type activity – one of the key conditions for creating a modern interior.