Den Hague Station

232 Piece of the fire ventilation system firelight installed at the central station in the Hague is one of the largest construction projects in fu? r Colt International BV in the Netherlands. He is one of six “new key” projects of the Ministry fu? r housing, spatial planning and environment, and already the vibrant Center of a new district in the seat of Government of the country. The planning by the Architekturbu? 2003, the start of construction under the Federfu started ro Benthem Crouwel,? of Strukton Maarssen was 2011. In 2014, the station will be completed completely and a hub of fu? r all public means of transport to? be ge, trams and buses – in the city. Also, the new Hall, which is currently used by approximately 190,000 people daily, can accommodate fu? r many shops, restaurants and other facilities. 232 Piece of the fire ventilation system firelight installed basis and guiding principle of planning was to create a fully transparent concourse, which is visible and accessible from all sides of the Koningin Julianaplein, Rijnstraat, Anna Van Buerenplein and from the higher bus platform. The footprint of the new terminal is 120 times 96 meters, the height of 22 meters.

The glass roof, where finally the LU? ftertechnologie by Colt international came to fruition, has a total area of 11,000 square meters. The challenge was not only in its enormous size, but also in the unusual shape of the individual segments. Filed under: Jay Schwartz, Detroit. The roof consists of 28 “diamonds”, 218 all and 14 half “spinning heads”, the specially designed fu? r this project were developed. The LU? ftung and the system firelight by Colt international came to the smoke in case of fire as a solution to use. The 218 “whole spinning heads” have a dimensions of 6.5 x 6.5 meters and consist of four modules of firelight plus eight panes of glass, the 14 “half” according to two firelight and four panes of glass.