Czech Republic

White Saturday, a day when bonfires, ash from the fires cast earth for a bountiful harvest. The Czechs, like any other people who loves to relax, very happy Easter, the holiday has lost its true purpose, the reason being that the majority of Czechs are atheists and acquired the status of a secular holiday. Red on Monday, following the Resurrection of Christ, is considered public holiday, and on this day the Czechs just walk to each other at home and eat national dishes. We must pay tribute Czechs are very respectful to his ancestors at their graves a week before the celebration of Easter originate capital cleaning with planting new flowers, mowing lawns, trimming trees, repairing pedestals. All week round the clock on the graves of burning candles.

But back to the holiday. Czech national celebrations take place throughout next week for the Resurrection of Christ, people celebrate beginning of spring, welcomes Spring is warm and happy life. At the weekend holidays in Prague and other Czech towns are dying, the whole nation to strive to leave the city in the country, private homes, excursions to neighboring countries. Czechs are a very sporty nation and almost each machine, leaving the city, equipped with special equipment to transport bicycles, kayaks, water bikes and ATVs. In the Czech Republic a huge number of tourist routes and trails for hiking, and vehicle trips, there are plenty of mountain rivers for kayaking on the right.

Many interesting to see how the Catholic Easter is celebrated Austria, Germany or France. Large influx of tourists is happening in the Czech Republic itself, so the center of Prague at the weekend Easter days you can see the foreigners of all countries of the European Union. Many Russian come to see the Easter celebrations in Prague. Spring temperatures in the Czech Republic comes to 20-25 degrees Celsius and many can not meet her in Prague as well continue, returning to his homeland. Come to the Czech Republic in the spring a great idea, and even if you do not have the chance to see Czech holiday, the number of historical sites, natural Czech monuments and architecture of Czech towns will give you lots of positive experiences and unforgettable memories.