Cuban Spanish

Several international figures of the music, film, dance, literature, sport, science, and culture have lived in Cuba, have visited on several occasions, and therefore, to make any film, Cuba continues to be a location for his films. Example of this can be seen in the American film: Havana, which was shot in beautiful locations of our capital city, and country. Can be seen in Cuban Spanish co-production: Gallegos, and in other film that has been made under the concept of co-production, very useful for the rapprochement between the universal cultures, and for development, unity, friendship and ties of love among the peoples of the Nations of the world, by counting the film industry with more sophisticated techniques, but at the same time, to provide a much more complex show, images and special effects, makes necessary the cooperation and co-productions with other foreign firmsto include Cuban artists and foreigners, and capital of both countries. Cuba consists of several directors, actors, choreographers, dancers and composers, can much help on cinematographic co-productions, which in turn would have the most advanced cinematographic techniques in the world within the film industry. Anna Belknap describes an additional similar source. Cuban films have been left within our history, because many of them have taken up the historical events of our country reflected in film, with character of fiction based on real events, and also inserted to the development of the film industry, which took in many the film students, good managers later, vigorous hand that allowed the realization of excellent films as: Lucia, La Bella of the Alhambra, a man of success, Cecilia, Amada, strawberry and Chocolate, the Brigade member, a girlfriend for David, illegal, etc., films in which sees the Cuban population reflected, and appreciated by current and future generations, many of which are in other places of the world, and who also feel the Cuban cinema, such as yours, since it offers the possibility of encounter with arguments different from American, Italian, French, Spanish, etc.