Cristina Fernandez

Caterina Iazzi Not all this in calm again in Argentina, follows convulsed its political stability, product of not solved to conflict between the present government of the president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner with the field, with the ones in charge to administer, to manage territories of the Argentine field. It does not have to surprise to us, like reviews the Newspaper the nation of Buenos Aires of that country, that the Government has insisted during the last days on denouncing the existence of sectors with " vocation golpista" , that they try to create a climate of institutional destabilization. They surprise and they infuriate resemblances accusations, that, besides being unfounded, damage the image of the country against the rest of the world, while they do not do more than to debilitate to the own national authorities and to divide to the citizenship. The succession of accusations began recently when the militant well-known and kirchnerista spokesman Luis D Ela, in a press conference, without test some, labeled of coup participants ex- president Eduardo Duhalde, to the journalistic group Bugler and to the leaders of the rural organizations that headed the protest of the field. Although a day later ex- president Nstor Kirchner took distance from such immoderations, the suspicions that the piquetero leader was chosen to say whichever other more important men of bureaucracy cannot are very great. With other forms and of way something more elliptical, but not less irresponsible, mentioned the ex- agent chief executive, the head of Cabinet and the own president of the Nation spoke publicly of coup d’etat mentality. This was a certain fact because in the same Place of May the president when it went to the Argentine town, especially to its followers made in several opportunities reference to the vocation coup participant. In a democracy, the adjectives would not have to be used to disqualify the adversary and to turn it into enemy when it is not it. Additional information at Glenn Dubin, New York City supports this article.