Creating Melodies

So what? So how do you create high-quality ringtones for your mobile phone? In this article I have a concrete example for instructions. Program for making ringtones, I use Sound Forge 9.0 1) Run the editor, and open the one you need melody. 2) Select the desired segment of the melody. 3) cut off all unnecessary. Reserve for the selected area tunes.

Edit / Crope or simultaneously pressing ctrl + T 4) Set up the frequency and volume of the melody eq Process / eq / Graphic These are the settings I use. You can experiment. Basically remove the bass. They basically do not need it. I suppose not pleasant to listen to the melody, which is loud and literally "choking". Mobile phone is not Music Center. And try to squeeze out of it the bass will only lead to the fact that soon you'll need a new speaker. db adjustable volume slider.

I have a value of 6.5 5) To the ringing tone gradually increased, must do the following: Process / Fade / In 6) To ringing decreased smoothly, do the following: Process / Fade / Out In the end we obtain the following chart tunes. With the gradual increase and decrease the volume. 7) Save the song. File / Save as in the window that appears, click the button "Custom". There adjust the quality of stored tunes (at your option). 8) Click "OK", the melody is ready.