Country Deal

Unable to survive without loss of control. 7. God may delay, but God does not fail. I never know when during the year I I can make my money. This may be the first deal of the year, or in the latter (though I hope not). The victory can not be marked, but you must be willing to fight for a long time.

In addition, I am a man far removed from religion, I I think the belief in a higher power, God is the cornerstone of your success as a trader. This will help put your victories and defeats for the future, will enable you to persevere, going through the pain and deprivation, when you know, in the end, everything will be okay and that you will pay off in some degree. God and the markets – it's not a craze, I will never be abused little connection with the Lord, to beg for profit. Relationship with God keeps people coming during the battle in fox holes and futures pits. 8. I believe that my current deal would be unprofitable. This is my greatest faith and value for money as a trader.

Most will balk, and of course they slam into the next transaction. These people are hyped in some plastic-coated, their motivation was – when they say and think positive thoughts. They have learned from teachers that they face a great future. They believe that their next deal will be profitable. But Not me! In my heart I believe that this will be a loss. I ask you one question: who will put the foot and do the right things, I either guy, inflated, unrealistic faith in the market of its schedule? Who among us will drown positively minded guy or me? If you have not written, I'll tell you: I was successful only because it is not in the delusion that I will win. Accordingly, I will act as an infallible warrior. I will defend itself in all cases, all time, I will not live on hope, feeding on illusions. 9. Your success depends on your concentration – concentration on one market or one technique. Reduction of concentration is costly in this business. Lack of concentration may mean that you do not take the deal, which should take, or do not pay attention to the deal, which will lead to greater losses. Concentration means to me not only soredotochennost to control problem but also the thoroughness of trade on one or two markets or a particular approach in the trading technology. Have you ever tried to juggle? It's really amazing to learn how to keep three balls in one place at one and the same time. Most people will find out by looking at these 'details' about three hours, or practicing. Add one ball, one piece more to this confusion, and few, very few people will be able to do it as . This is really hard to keep your eyes just for a little more 'interval' data. Look at the great athletes – they are focused on one sport. Experts in their field work in one of the main business, the musicians do not sing Country and Western opera to become stars. The better your concentration that you make, the more successful you become. 10. If you are unsure or do not still understand – go back to Rule 1.